Our Yelp Reviews:

Fred was freaking awesome!  We bought the house expecting a little electrical work was needed. We were told all electrical wiring was performed correctly by a professional, but needed permits.  So I thought it was going to be an easy job.  It was NOT A LITTLE electrical work; our house needed tons of help.  

Thank goodness I found Fred on Yelp. He found all matters wrong with our electrical work. The previous electrician left the circuit breaker cut out without grommets coming into the breaker to protect the wires. Razor sharp sheet metal edges were grating the insulation of the incoming power lines.  Apparently the electrician didn't think this was a problem.  I couldn't believe it when Fred pointed it out.  

Fred also fixed several outlets, installed 2 flood lights, set up permits for our house, remove a 60 year old fuse box and bypass it to the circuit breaker, fixed light switches that were wired wrong, installed ground to our house, and many more items.  

I found out later it was our neighbor (professional electrician by trade) that worked on our house for the previous owner.  He was proud of his work?  Are you kidding me?  He offered his services to me, because he knew our house, but I knew the quality of his work because of Fred.  I am never going to hire my neighbor!  Only Fred.

Fred's such a friendly guy, my son and wife love him.  My 3 year old gives him a hug when he sees him.  He asks if Mr. Fred is coming to the house today, it's very cute. He's got tons of stories that will intrigue you.  I didn't want him to stop telling his tales, but he had to work on our house.

If you have any type of electrical work, you need to call Fred! He's an awesome electrician and person in general, always very professional but very humble explaining what he's going to do. He even brought in our UPS packages?  How freaking awesome is that?

– Patrick P., San Francisco, CA  6/3/2015     5 STAR REVIEW 


Twenty six prior five star reviewers weren't wrong and I'm happy to add my twenty seventh. Mr. Hyslop responded to my voicemail promptly and he asked a couple questions. Before I knew it he had an idea of what I was describing. He explained that he could usually rebuild the failing electrical  component that I was describing to him.  He asked me to provide him some precise photos. He reviewed them. Asked for an additional and then quoted a reasonable sounding price and a reasonable description of his intended repairs. 

Fred arrived EXACTLY when he said. He was courteous and clean and presentable.  He respected my home and pets. (He's an animal volunteer!.) He treated my failing component with professional hands and he performed EXACTLY what he said that he would. (Which immediately corrected our issues.) Fred showed me what he was doing and explained what he was doing as he did it. He provided me with the old parts and he offered advice to prevent the same issue from reoccurring.  He showed and explained how his repair parts exceeded what he'd found and started with.  He then charged me a fair price and provided me an immediate invoice.  I'm 100% satisfied. He treated me correctly and conducted business with courtesy and professionalism.  

Thanks Fred Hyslop!  You're a great residential electrician by my standards.

– Aaron K., Millbrae, CA  10/26/2018     5 STAR REVIEW 


5 Stars really isn't enough!  Fred exceeded expectations in all facets of a service upgrade and panel replacement he completed for us.  He was out to inspect the current condition of the degraded panel the same day we called him, had a proposal and contract for the work in 48 hours, and started the work as soon as all the parts and equipment arrived.  We were not without power one single evening thanks to Fred working hard and his good judgement in having a helper for the heavy lifting on the first day of the replacement.  Since a minor electrical fire caused the degradation in the panel, Fred suggested that we contact our homeowners insurance provider to see if it might be covered.  It was!  All we had to pay was our deductible thanks to Fred's suggestion, saving us $3200.  Fred will definitely have all of my future electrical work and I recommend him unequivocally to anyone needing an experienced electrician.

– Antonio D., San Bruno, CA  11/25/2015     5 STAR REVIEW 


Recently, we used Fred of Electric Connection to add power to a new shed in our backyard.  My husband's pretty handy, but this was going to be a complicated project.  We couldn't reach an electrician we used in the past, so we turned to Yelp to get some reviews for electricians in the area.  Fred was consistently well-reviewed and local to our area.  Every other electrician we contacted from Yelp didn't return our calls.  Fred was responsive, came out to review our project, and made several good suggestions to improve our final vision.  My husband and Fred decided to run power to the shed via conduit to the closest side of the house and then run aerial cables to the shed from the house.  Fred's 35+ years of experience showed as he continuously pointed out bits of building code for electrical work, like how far away from the weather head on the house side had to be from a window, and how high overhead the cables had to be from the patio surface.  We knew we had chosen the right person for this project.  My husband pulled a permit for this work, because he wanted to make sure the job was done right with an inspection afterwards.  Fred scheduled his final bits of work to coincide with the inspection, so he could be here to answer any of the inspector's questions.  Fred really knows the building codes and was able to answer all of the inspector's technical questions.

We also had Fred replace a three-way dimmer switch in our living room with a smart switch to be added to Apple's Homekit.  My husband had installed automated light switches in the rest of the house, but our living room one was a bit more complicated with dual controls.  Fred had it figured out and swapped out in 30 minutes.  Great work and we know it's been done right.

Bottom line:  Fred does stellar work!  He can be counted on to deliver timely results as promised in his estimate.  He's personable, friendly, and professional (which is hard to find these days).  We'll call Fred again!


– Kris C., South San Francisco, CA  9/3/2018     5 STAR REVIEW 


I'm writing this review because I understand how powerful and helpful a yelp review can be in a time of need. I found Fred through yelp and I'm so thankful. He's a lifesaver saving me not only money but my sanity. My outlets went out in my downstairs as well as the electric heater and I needed someone to come fix it asap. I called and left a message after hours and he called me back first thing in the morning and made a same day service call. Not only did he fix the problem, but he reassured me that I didn't need to redo all the wiring in my house costing me a fortune. Honesty and integrity go a long way with me. Low and behold, a couple days later, my garage door power shut off on me. Fred came to my rescue again and he fixed the problem with some simple trouble shooting. He'll definitely be on my speed dial and I will be using him as my regular electrician from here on out. He's super friendly and very personable. I highly recommend Fred and his crew.


– Scott H., Daly City, CA  5/25/2018    5 STAR REVIEW 


I moved into a new house and needed some electrical work done. Called 3 different electricians--1st came out, told me he'd get me a bid, but I never heard from him. The other 2 never called me back. Finally, I called Fred at Electric Connection, Inc. That afternoon Fred was at my house and within a few days the work was done. He replaced my electrical panel, ran conduit and the electrical for a dryer, and fixed an old light switch. We were very pleased with all his work. The guy readily communicates via phone, text, and email, which is a far cry from those flakes who never call you back or whatever it may be. Highly recommended.

– Vinnie L., Pacifica, CA  1/18/2016    5 STAR REVIEW 

Fred is a real professional who cares more about his clients' needs rather than the money. Case in point, I called Fred to come and check out a problem we were having with our circuit breaker. Rather than to schedule an appointment immediately, he asked me about the issue. He identified the issue as something that PG&E should handle and suggested I call them first. He also provided advice on how to handle the circuit breaker and what to tell the PG&E technician. All this without charging me a cent! Money-aside, he saved me from a day of headache and loss of power (and gasp! Wi-fi.)  If this is how he treats someone on the phone, imagine the level of service you can expect if you were a paying client. I can't thank him again and will definitely reach out to him if anything ever comes up.


– Leona W., San Mateo, CA  9/1/2015    5 STAR REVIEW 


We recently bought a house and called Fred to upgrade outlets in the kitchen and bathrooms to GFCI and install a new outlet in the garage for a recirculating hot water pump.

Fred has been in this business for decades and it immediately showed. He knew the electrical codes inside and out and could even talk at length about the history of our electrical panel manufacturer. He also gamely answered my basic new homeowner questions about ground vs. neutral and electrical panel wiring.

The GFCI outlets look and work great. He also added a metal conduit from an existing outlet in the garage to the new outlet next to the water heater. He was meticulous about making sure it was exactly level and the end result is amazing. To top it off, he replaced a separate faulty outlet for free.

As nearly every other reviewer here says, I won't hesitate to call Fred again for future electrical projects!


– Nicholas K., South San Francisco, CA  10/1/2018    5 STAR REVIEW 


I just recently purchased a Level 2 charging station for my electric vehicle and then spent the next 2 weeks trying to find an electrician who would 1) respond-email/call me back, 2) actually stop by to give me an estimate, and 3)be willing to do the installation - I get it. It's a smaller job. 

I needed to replace a breaker in the panel, install a new 50A breaker for the charger, have a 240V outlet installed, then have a wooden panel affixed to the garage beams to mount the charger.

FYI, my garage is not the easiest space to mount one of these puppies bc there's not a flat space by the breaker panel due to piping and exposed wooden beams - older house.  The other companies I called gave estimates for the install, but refused the panel work so the station could be mounted.

I finally found Electric Connection via Yelp and Fred was responsive (check!) We set up an appointment and he came by a couple days later to look at the job (check!) He was a true pro - experienced, friendly, straightforward. I explained my dilemma with the panel work and he said it was common, not an issue and an easy job (check!)  He told me how much it would cost and was out of there in 10 minutes.  I made up my mind right there and emailed him to move forward. 

A few days later, Fred completed the work and everything worked and looked great!  I will be calling Fred and referring to him for all my future electric work.  

I give my highest recommendation to Fred for his expertise, demeanor and quality work.

– Young K., San Francisco, CA  4/13/2017    5 STAR REVIEW 

I emailed Fred on a Sunday night due to crackling noises coming from an electrical panel inside our house. We already had an electrician look at it, but he was unable to identify the root cause. Fred immediately responded to my email and asked me to call him on Monday morning. We talked for a while over the phone. He carefully listened to what I observed, and asked me to send him several photos of the panel. (The previous electrician didn't pay any attention to my observations, and didn't do any prep work.) Fred came over on Thursday, and spent two hours investigating the issue. The other electrician quickly changed a breaker and left, while Fred made it clear he wouldn't leave until the issue was fixed. For the first time I felt like someone actually cared about helping me solve this potentially dangerous issue. It turns out that the issue Fred fixed didn't get rid of the crackling noises, which I realized the next day. Fred emailed me the next day to ask for a status update, which I've NEVER seen any contractor do. (I get lucky if they respond to my emails!) When I told him the crackling noises were back, he suggested reaching out to another electrician to have another pair of eyes look at it. Over the course of the following week, Fred sent several emails to make sure the issue was being resolved, and even shared his opinion on theories suggested by the other electrician I hired. Eventually, the other electrician was lucky to notice a spark, which helped him identify (and fix) the root cause. However, Fred was there for me along the way, and even offered to fix the issue identified by the other electrician on the following Sunday night. All in all, Fred wasn't as lucky as the other electrician and wasn't able to fix the issue, but he was there for me throughout this scary moment, and I wouldn't hesitate a second to hire him again in the future. (Fred also gave me a discount as he wasn't convinced his fix fully addressed the issue.)

– Julien W., Redwood City, CA  6/20/2018    5 STAR REVIEW